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VAT Lucky Draw Scheme


  1. What is the VAT Lucky Draw Scheme?
  2. Prizes
  3. Who can participate?
  4. How to participate?
  5. Effective Periods for the draws
  6. Conditions for participation
  7. Leaflet - English Version
  8. Leaflet - French Version



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The Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA) wishes to inform the public that the current VAT Lucky Draw Scheme (VLDS) will end on the 31 December 2018.


For the quarter ending 31 December 2018, participants will have up to 15 January 2019 to send details of their VAT invoices to participate in the last draw which will be effected on Thursday 31 January 2019.


  1. What is a VAT Lucky Draw Scheme?


    The VAT Lucky Draw Scheme (VLDS) was promoted by the Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA) in 2014 as an incentive to encourage the local population to claim a receipt for every transaction and for the VAT registered persons to issue a VAT invoice for every sales/ transactions.


    The VLDS is therefore part of a nationwide VAT Sensitization Campaign which aims at increasing compliance with VAT legislation. To participate in the VLDS, consumers have to send the details of their VAT Invoice through sms, the MRA website or the MRA VAT App and they stand a chance of winning up to Rs 50,000 every quarter.


  2. Prizes


    1st prize – Rs 50 000
    2nd prize – Rs 25 000
    3rd prize – Rs 15000
    4th to 10th prizes – Rs 10 000 (each)
    11th to 20thprizes – Rs 5 000 (each)


  3. Who can participate?


    Every individual consumer of more than 18 years old can participate in the VAT Lucky Draw Scheme.


  4. How to participate?


    Individual consumers wishing to participate in the scheme will have to send details of their VAT Invoices either through MRA's Website or via SMS on : 5 252 8282 as follows :


    Website Short Message Service (SMS)
    Click on 'Submit Invoice (receipt) for VAT Lucky Draw' SMS should be sent on 5 252 8282
    Under 'Participants Details', kindly fill in the following :
    • Full Name
    • Telephone / Mobile Number
    • Email Address (if any)
    SMS cost is 60 cents + VAT (normal rate)
    Under 'VAT Receipts Details' kindly fill in the following as per your VAT Invoice:
    • VAT No. of Supplier
    • VAT Paid
    • Date of VAT Invoice
    • VAT Invoice Number
    Message Format :
    VAT rxxxxxxxx ixxxxxx axxxxxx dxx-xx-xx
    Click on 'Submit' after completing the fields rxxxxxxxx, is the VAT Registration Number, ixxxxxx is the VAT invoice number, axxxxxx is the VAT amount paid and dxx-xx-xx is the date of the VAT Invoice (dd-mm-yy).
    Upon submission, if the above details have been correctly entered you will obtain an acknowledgement message and an Email notification on your email address. In case of wrong format, you will receive an error message on your mobile.


  5. Effective Periods for the draws


    The VAT Lucky Draw Scheme has already started as from 1st January and it will operate on a quarterly basis of the respective year, as follows:


    1st Quarter - January to March

    2nd Quarter – April to June

    3rd Quarter – July to September

    4th Quarter – October to December


    Participants will have up to 15th of the month following the end of each quarter to send the details of their VAT invoices for the VAT Lucky Draw Scheme.


    The draws will be effected under the supervision of the Gambling Regulatory Authority (GRA) during the last week of the month following the end of every quarter.


  6. Conditions for participation


    The participant to the VAT Lucky Draw Scheme should be the holder of a VAT Invoice. The VAT Invoice should pertain to purchases for a minimum VAT amount of Rs 75. For every multiple of Rs 75 of VAT amount, the participant will obtain one chance of VAT Lucky Draw, up to a maximum of 10 chances.


    The list of winning VAT Invoices will be published in the newspaper and on the MRA's Website after each draw.


    Winners of the quarterly VAT Lucky Draws will have to present the original VAT invoices within the specified time to the MRA so as to collect their respective prizes.


    The MRA recommends the public to claim VAT Invoices for all purchases made from a VAT registered person and to keep the invoices for participation in the VAT Lucky Draw Scheme.


    Please note that a VAT invoice should not be submitted more than once for participation.