Customs Role in Exportation

We facilitate legitimate trade and help secure access for Mauritian exports to overseas markets.


We do this by:


  • assuring the security of Mauritius’ trade supply chains
  • providing technical input to trade negotiations, resolution of trade issues
  • implementing, monitoring and enforcing border aspects of trade agreements.


 MRA Customs recognises the importance of keeping trade flowing and ensure security. In this context, we are working on various projects designed to ensure the security and fluidity of the supply chain which is also in line with the recommendation of the Word Customs Organization's Framework of Standards to Secure and Facilitate Global Trade. Among these projects are the Container Security Initiative and the Cargo Community System.


The aim behind such projects is to abide to international norms and also to reduce red-tapism and risks of delays for Mauritian exporters. In addition to that, local exporters may gain international recognisance as the fluidity and security concepts are the dominating issues in international trade. Adherence to such standards will ease the access to markets and will also facilitate the procedures during crises. For example, in case of an international alert (terrorism, smuggling, etc), Mauritian exports will be cleared easily as these goods are recognised as being safe, thus guaranteeing a safe and on time arrival to destination.