Internal Affairs

Since its inception MRA’s has always valued the importance of upholding a culture of integrity amongst both its internal and external stakeholders. Two dedicated Divisions (Internal Audit and Internal Affairs) have been set up under the MRA Act for fostering a sound integrity management within the organisation.

The Internal Affairs Division is mandated to deal with allegations of malpractice against employees, process and verify the declaration of assets made by an officer with a view to ensuring that accretion of their wealth is not attributable to any illicit enrichment.

The Division performs its statutory duties within the broader concept of integrity management at MRA, which includes among others:

  1. Pre-employment integrity checks on Staff;
  2. Verification of declaration of assets made by officers and employees of the MRA subject to complaints;
  3. Educate staff and stakeholders on ethics and integrity;
  4. Undertake vigilance activities at the workplace to uncover irregularities / malpractices through surprise visits / inspections / checks / reviews.
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