Drugs Offences


Any passenger who unlawfully imports, exports or dispatches in transit any dangerous drugs (e.g cannabis, cocaine, heroine, buprenorphine (subutex), etc) shall commit an offence and shall on conviction be liable to a fine not exceeding one million Rupees and to penal servitude (imprisonment) as provided in the Dangerous Drugs Act 2000.

"Carry this to Mauritius for me."

Never carry anything into Mauritius for someone else unless you are sure it does not contain dangerous drugs.

"They'll never search you - you're not the type they go for."

Do not take a chance. All types of travellers may be searched by Customs authorities. Don't be induced to trade in or transport drugs - you will be taking all the risks while the instigator takes all the profits. 

Reporting Suspicions

If you have information or suspicion concerning the importation of dangerous drugs into Mauritius report it through the Customs Hotline or any Customs Officer on duty at Port or Airport.

  • Customs Hotline: Voice - 8958
  •  Fax - 216 7601
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