Clearance Procedures

Documents that need to be submitted to Customs for the clearance of personal and household effects:

  • Passport
  • Passport Memo (collected at the Passport and Immigration Office)
  • Inventory of what is in the shipment
  • Shipping arrival papers

Removal companies, airlines and shipping companies will usually provide arrival papers around the time your effects are imported. Some freight forwarders / Customs brokers or removal companies will also assist you with Customs formalities (Bill of Entry).

In addition to these documents, clearance from relevant authorities is needed for goods that require permits. These are listed below:

  • Agricultural products (fresh flowers, items containing soil remains, seeds etc.) - clearance from the Ministry of Agriculture needed.
  • Pharmaceutical Products, foodstuffs – clearance from the Ministry of Health.
  • Arms and Ammunition and weapons – clearance from the Police
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