FAQ's by Travellers

  1. Are Customs holding a parcel for me?

    Customs do not physically hold goods, but license premises hold the goods, and are known as Freight Forwarding Agents. The Freight Forwarding Agents will generally advise you if they are holding goods for you and will send an arrival notification. These stations normally require the payment of storage and handling charges which are independent of Customs Charges.

    However, in some cases, Customs might hold your goods if permits are required.

  2.  Are there Customs charges to pay if I import a dog or cat?

    There is no customs duty but VAT may be payable at the rate of 15%. In addition to that, the animal will need the clearance from the Ministry of Agro Industry and Food Security (Veterinary Services).

  3.  Can I bring my hunting rifle when I come on holiday?

    Tourists may import one sporting firearm but the amount of cartridge is restricted to 50 units.

    A police clearance is needed and the rifle should be taken back on departure.

  4.  Can I bring my vehicle for a temporary period?

    Yes, you can temporarily import your vehicle under temporary admission provided that the conditions applicable are satisfied. (e.g. you should furnish an adequate security to cover the duty, excise duty and taxes payable).

    However, you cannot import temporarily your vehicle under the ATA Carnet. Mauritius is not a signatory of the Annex C of the Istanbul Convention relating to the temporary admission of means of transport.

  5.  Can I bring prescription medicine when I come on holiday?

    Yes, you may bring prescribed medicine in your accompanied luggage and you can also import your medicine by post. Along with the medicine you should have the prescription from your doctor outlining what the medication is, the medical condition it is for, and the quantity you are expected to require for the duration of your stay and you should keep all the medication in its original packaging.

    Clearance from the government pharmacist, Ministry of Health and Wellness, is needed prior to delivery.

  6.  Can I claim back taxes I have paid overseas?

    Mauritius Revenue Authority, Customs is unable to provide information about the Customs requirements that apply in other countries. To source this information, contact the appropriate consulate or embassy representative.

  7.  Can I get refund of duty and VAT on purchases which I take overseas with me?

    Refund of duty and VAT or collection of goods on purchases made in "VAT free supply and Deferred Duty and Tax Scheme Shops".

    Prior to departure:

    A visitor may claim refund of duty and taxes at MCCI counter on goods purchased on payment of duty and taxes upon presentation to Customs of his goods, DF5 Voucher / VAT paid invoice / passport and travel ticket.

    A visitor may collect his goods purchased free of duty and taxes at MCCI counter on presentation of his DF4 Voucher/ VAT free invoice/passport and travel ticket. Customs may require any passenger to produce the goods for examination.

    A departing citizen of Mauritius may also purchase goods free of duty, excise duty and taxes. Such goods will be delivered to departing citizen at the MCCI Counter at the time of his departure.

  8.  Can I import human ashes?

    Yes, this particular item is subject to clearance from the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life.

  9. Can I take my grandchildren on holiday with me?

    Grandparents may travel with their grandchildren providing all have valid travel documents.

  10.  Can I take or send foodstuffs to other countries?

    Foodstuffs need the clearance from the Ministry of Agro Industry and Food Security and in some cases a certificate is required from authorities of the importing country. Most of the fresh foodstuffs (fruits, vegetables, fish meat) are strictly controlled by the agricultural authorities. Therefore, if you are importing/exporting foodstuffs it is better to contact the Ministry Agro Industry and Food Security.

    Foodstuffs from Rodrigues can be imported/exported without clearance from the Agricultural authorities.

  11.  How much alcohol can I bring back with me without paying duty, excise duty and VAT?

    A traveller aged 18 years or above is allowed to import tobacco, spirit, wine, ale or beer in the following quantities free of duty, excise duty and taxes and may choose ONLY ONE from the following options:

     Option Tobacco (including cigars and cigarettes)  not exceeding Spirits not exceeding  Wine, ale or beer not exceeding 
    A 250 grammes 2 L 4 L
    B 250 grammes 3 L 0
    C 250 grammes 0 6 L

    For passengers arriving from or leaving the Island of Rodrigues to Mauritius, value added tax shall be payable on the goods referred to in the table above.

    Any amount in excess of this allowance is subject to payment of duties, excise duty and VAT.

  12.  How much cash can I bring into Mauritius?

    There is no limit to the amount of physical currency/Bearer Negotiable Instruments/ precious stones and metals including gold, diamond and jewellery or any goods of high value including work of arts exceeding Rs 500,000 in value that may be brought into or taken out of Mauritius. However, any person entering, in transit or leaving Mauritius at the port or airport with more than 500,000 rupees in cash or bearer negotiable instruments precious stones and metals including gold, diamond and jewellery or any goods of high value including work of arts exceeding Rs. 500,000 in value or its equivalent in foreign currency must declare the sum to Customs either online OR by filing the Currency Declaration Form wherein the origin and intended use of the sum declared must be stated.

  13.  I own an expensive camera that I am taking overseas and bringing back. Is there anything I need to do before I go?

    If you are concerned about the fact that on your return to Mauritius, the value of the camera might impact on your personal allowance, you can keep proofs of previous ownership (receipts) to avoid any misunderstanding with Customs.

    In addition to that, you can record your identifiable goods (serial number and marks) at Customs in the Departure Hall, prior to departure. On your return you only have to mention the date of your departure and your goods will be verified and cleared.

  14.  Where can I buy duty free goods?

    Duty free shops are located at the international airport, seaport and shops under the Deferred Duty and Tax Scheme. Goods purchased from downtown duty free outlets are collected from the duty free shops or from the Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) Counter at the airport and seaport.

  15.  Will the x-ray machines at the airport damage my films?

    The x-ray machine is safe for your films. The only time x-ray machines may damage film is where the film is repeatedly exposed to x-ray. It is better for you to inform the x-ray operator that your luggage contains films if there is the need to scan them more than once.

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