Charitable Institution

  1. Election to pay training levy

    Following changes brought to The Human Resource Development Act through the FA 2022, a charitable institution may irrevocably elect to pay the training levy payable under this Act, by giving notice, in such form and manner as the Director-General may approve.

    The form should be submitted simultaneously to the Director-General and the Director of the Human Resources Development Council.

    Where a charitable institution elects to pay the training levy, it shall –

    • be liable to pay the levy with respect to all its employees as from the date the Director-General receives the notice referred above;

    • submit to the Director-General the returns required under this Act;

    • be subject to training Levy in the same manner as any other employer; and

    • not, at any time and under any circumstance, cancel or withdraw the election made to pay training levy.

  2. Election to pay training levy Form

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