Electronic Filing of ATDR Application

MRA is providing a facility to submit ATDR application electronically.

You may also refer to Guidelines for ATDR

General Information for Electronic Filing of ATDR application:

To use the e-filing facility, you must have Adobe Reader version 8.0 (or above) or click here to download.

You are strongly recommended to use Internet Explorer 6.0 or above

In case of browser issue, click here

In case you have submitted an ATDR application electronically and wish to amend your application, please submit an ATDR application form downloadable from our website or available at MRA Service Counter, Ehram Court.

  1. Filing of ATDR application

    1. Enter your TAN and Assessment Number, click on "OK".

    2. Your TAN and Name will automatically appear on the application form. In case there are changes in your personal data, kindly fill in a "Personal Data change Form" available here or MRA Service Counter and send it to MRA.

    3. Ensure that you have all the required information before you begin. While filling the ATDR application, please insert a valid e-mail address in order to obtain an acknowledgment confirming that your ATDR application has been received by MRA for further processing.

    4. The detailed grounds of dissatisfaction have to be specified in the ATDR application form. Alternatively a copy of the notice of objection / appeal may also be attached electronically to the ATDR application form.

    5. You may wish to print a copy before submitting the ATDR application online.

    6. After submission, you may print the acknowledgement confirmation for recording purposes.

      ArrowRight2Blue  Click here for the Electronic Filing of ATDR Application

  2. Support Services

    For further information, you may call at the Customer Service Desks, Ground Floor, MRA Headquarters, Ehram Court, Corner Mgr Gonin & Sir Virgil Naz Streets, Port Louis or call MRA Help Desk on 207 6000.

    You may also contact the ATDR Secretariat on the following:

    The Secretariat
    ATDR Panel
    Mauritius Revenue Authority
    Level 10, Ehram Court, Cnr. Mgr Gonin & Sir Virgil Naz Streets, Port Louis
    Phone No.: 207 6000 | Fax No.: 207 6041
    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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