MRA e-Invoicing System

MRA is introducing an e-Invoicing system at the national level in Mauritius in a phase-wise approach. With the advent of this e-Invoicing system, providers of products and services will be required to fiscalise their invoices or receipts in real time with the MRA before issuing them to their customers.

In general, an economic operator makes use of an Accounting Package / Invoicing Solution / POS / ECR / ERP, also referred to as an Electronic Billing System (EBS), in order to invoice its customers for the sales made.

The following diagram gives a pictorial representation of the MRA e-Invoicing System:-


The various external stakeholders and their roles in this national e-Invoicing initiative are:-

S/N Stakeholder Role Effective Date
1 EBS software developers and solution providers Register, customise, test and self-certify their EBS for compliance with the MRA e-Invoicing system 26th June 2023
2 Economic Operators who issue invoices On-board compliant EBS and  issue fiscalised invoices / receipts Beginning of 2024 in stages
3 The customers of the economic operators (including the general public) Check if received invoices / receipts have been fiscalised by MRA Beginning of 2024

The benefits of the e-Invoicing system include:

  • promotion of a level playing field;

  • keeping up to date with the current worldwide evolution in taxation;

  • fostering business transparency with external stakeholders;

  • boosting technological readiness of economic operators to exchange invoices in real time and;

  • promoting the image of Mauritius as a good place to do business as well as improving tax compliance.

Phase 1

As an initial step towards the introduction of the e-Invoicing system, EBS software developers and EBS solution providers, through the MRA e-Invoicing Developer Portal, must register, customise, test and self-certify their EBS for compliance with the MRA e-Invoicing system.

This initial phase is mainly targeted for software developers

  1. who work for EBS manufacturers / solution providers or,

  2. other than those in (a) above who work for the in-house ICT department of a public or private organisation using an EBS for issuing invoices or receipts.



Phase 2

The second phase of the e-Invoicing initiative in Mauritius will concern economic operators who will have to on-board their EBS after it has been made compliant by their EBS software developers or EBS solution providers. Some tests prescribed by MRA will then have to be carried out successfully to cross-check compliance before the EBS is allowed to join the MRA e-Invoicing system. This second phase will be further broken down in stages. Economic operators will be provided with enough advanced notice to allow them ample time to make their EBS compliant with the MRA e-Invoicing system. However, it is recommended that economic operators start the process of making their EBS compliant with the MRA e-Invoicing system at the earliest.


MRA e-Invoicing Developer Portal

For EBS Software Developers & EBS Solution Providers


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MRA e-Invoicing Operator Portal

For Economic Operators (Coming Soon)

Economic Operators will be required to onboard and test their EBS and, thereafter, join the MRA e-Invoicing System for real time fiscalisation of their invoices.


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