Housing Loan Relief Scheme – Rs 1,000 Monthly: July 2023 to June 2024

As announced in the Budget Speech 2023/2024, a monthly allowance of 1,000 rupees will be paid by the Government of the Republic of Mauritius for the months of July 2023 to June 2024 to an eligible individual who has contracted a secured housing loan not exceeding 5 million rupees.

The MRA has been entrusted with the responsibility to pay the allowance.

Secured Housing Loan

  1. “secured housing loan” means a housing loan secured by mortgage or fixed charge on immovable property and used exclusively for the purchase, construction or extension of a house;

  2. does not include a loan taken for the purchase of bare land whether residential or agricultural; and

  3. includes loans taken for refinancing of an existing secured housing loan.

Eligible individual

The allowance is paid to an individual who –

  1. is a citizen of Mauritius;

  2. has contracted a secured housing loan from –

    1. a bank or non-bank deposit taking institution under the Banking Act;

    2. an insurance company under the Insurance Act;

    3. the Sugar Industry Pension Fund;

    4. the Development Bank of Mauritius; or

    5. the Statutory Bodies Family Protection Fund

  3. has, in Mauritius, purchased, constructed or extended the house for which the secured housing loan has been contracted; and

  4. has effected a repayment exceeding 1,000 rupees in respect of the secured housing loan in the month preceding the month in which the relief is payable

In order to benefit from the allowance, the loan borrower should submit a one-time application electronically to the MRA.

ArrowRight2Blue Click here to submit an application for the Housing Loan Relief Scheme

Method of application

To enable the MRA to effect payment of the Housing Loan Relief Scheme, the loan borrower is requested to submit a one-time application electronically and provide his bank account details in which the allowance will be credited.

On providing the required information in the login page, a one-time password (OTP) will be sent on the mobile phone number provided and the OTP will have to be entered in order to proceed with the application.

No application will be entertained after 30 September 2024.


The loan borrower must ensure that he has the following at hand:

  1. His National Identification Card (NIC);

  1. His mobile phone;

  1. A valid bank account details in which the allowance will be credited.

Additional Information

  1. An allowance of 1000 rupees will be paid to a loan borrower, every month, directly in the bank account provided by him in his application.

  2. Where a person has contracted several secured housing loans, the amount payable to that person shall not exceed 1,000 rupees in a month where the repayment amount in respect of those loans in aggregate exceeds 1000 rupees.

  3. Where a person has contracted a secured housing loan jointly with other persons, the amount payable shall be paid to only one of the persons who have contracted the loan and not exceed 1,000 rupees in a month.

  4. Where a secured housing loan has been contracted jointly with another person, the application shall specify the bank account in which the payment shall be made.

  5. The allowance will be paid for three consecutive months immediately preceding that month an application is received.

General information before making an application:

  • The borrower is recommended to use a recent version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as browser to file the application.

  • Kindly note that it is the responsibility of the loan borrower to make a correct and complete application.

  • The borrower should provide an email address and a telephone number as they will be used by the MRA to communicate with him.

Support services

A loan borrower who is not able to submit an application are requested to send an email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

MRA Help Desk service on 207 6000 is also available during office hours from 08 45 to 16 30 on working days to assist applicants.

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