Employee Declaration Form (EDF) - Employee

Income year ending 30 June 2024

An employee who, in respect of an income year, is entitled to reliefs, deductions and allowances in respect of that income year and who wishes to have the reliefs, deductions and allowances taken into account for the purpose of determining his chargeable income and the amount of income tax, if any, to be withheld from his emoluments during that income year, may submit an EDF electronically to his employer through the MRA platform.

Where in any income year, an employee has a change in the deduction for dependents for that income year, he may furnish electronically to his employer a fresh Employee Declaration Form claiming therein deductions which he is entitled.

Where an employee leaves his employment and takes up another employment, he shall furnish electronically an Employee Declaration Form to his new employer.

Where an employee has more than one employer at any one time, he shall furnish electronically an Employee Declaration Form to only one of his employers.


Before you start, ensure that you have your National ID (NID) or the Non-Citizen ID (NCID), in case of non-Mauritian Citizen, to access your online form.

"Click here to file your EDF"

General information for Electronic Filing (eFiling) of EDF for income year 30 June 2024:

Kindly read the instructions below before starting to file your EDF

  1. Employees are recommended to use a recent version of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox as browser to file their declaration.

  2. Kindly note that it is the employee’s responsibility to make a correct and complete declaration.

  3. Ensure that you provide your email address and telephone number as it will be used by MRA to communicate with you.

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