Updated Information for Customs

  1. Customs Payments at Ehram Court

  2. Harmonised System for the Classifcation of goods version 2012 - Correlation Table

  3. Notice to Stakeholders - Paperless Customs

  4. Physical Cross Border Transportation of Currency or Bearer Negotiable Instruments

  5. Notice to Rights Holders

  6. Notice on Prohibited Goods

  7. Excise ( Amendment of Schedule) ( No.3) Regulations 2010

  8. FAQ's on Excise Stamps on Cigarette Packs

  9. Notice to Importers & Exporters on keeping of records

  10. Signature of CMMA Agreement

  11. Fast Track Cargo Release Facility

  12. Common errors to be avoided in CMS

  13. Duty Exemption on gas-oil under X09 A Exemption

  14. Annex I

  15. Information to Stakeholders

    10.30 Press Conference held by the Director General of MRA in the presence of the Commissioner of Police, Manufacturers and Traders in Cigarettes on 09.09.2006. Mr Cunningham made the following presentation - Launching Campaign to Combat Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products (1.45 MB)

  16. Application Form for Registration of Manufacturers

    This form is used for the registration of maunufacturers claiming duty exemption including ITem E70 of Unclassified Exemptions from Customs Duty (Part II of 1st Schedule to the Customs Tariff Act)

  17. For manufacturers applying for registration under Item 9 of Part I (a) of the First Schedule to the Excise Act - gas oil used in stationary engines and boilers (SEBS):

    The following forms and guidelines are applicable :-

    1. Eligibility Criteria (MRA/CUS/SO/VRC/Form 11)

    2. Guidelines for exemption (MRA/CUS/DR/Form 15)

    3. Form X09 - Q (MRA/CUS/DR/EMU/Form 5)

    4. Form X09 - C (MRA/CUS/DR/EMU/Form 2)

  18. Application form for the registration of manufacturers to be eligible for duty exemption/concession (MRA/CUS/DR/EMU/Form 1)

  19. Duty exemption to the manufacturing sector (MRA/CUS/DR/EMU/Form 4)

  20. Notice to Importers and Travelers

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