JUNE 2022

By Monday 20th June

  • Payment of Environment Protection Fee for May 2022.

  • Monthly Return of TDS with regard to royalties, rent, payments to service providers, contractors & subcontractors and Payment of TDS deducted for May 2022.

  • Electronic Gaming Return*, Amusement Machines for May 2022.

By Tuesday 28th June

  • Electronic submission of APS for quarter ending 31 March 2022 by companies.

  • Electronic submission of return and Payment of Tax by companies with accounting year ending in December 2021.

  • Remittance of Passenger Fee/Passenger Solidarity Levy for May 2022.

  • Electronic submission of PRGF Return and Payment of PRGF contributions for May 2022.
  • Electronic submission of Joint PAYE & CSG/NSF return and payment of tax withheld for May 2022.

  • Electronic submission of VAT Return for May 2022 and Payment of Tax.

  • VAT Special Levy on Banks whose accounting year ends in January 2022.

  • Electronic submission of monthly return of TDS and payment of Tax deducted for May 2022.

  • Payment of arrears under Tax Arrears Settlement Scheme (TASS) by those falling under SME.