Regulated Forms

Name Reference
Regulated Forms
Application to the Director General for issue of part II Licence Excise Reg/5th Schedule
Application to the Director General for transfer of part II Licence Excise Reg/5th Schedule
Application for issue of part III licence Excise Reg/6th Schedule
Request for Extra Attendance Customs Reg/1st Schedule/Form 1
Aircraft Report (Inward/outward) Customs Reg/1st Schedule/Form 2A
Certificate of Clearance Customs Reg/1st Schedule/Form 5
Requisition to Ship Stores Under Bond Customs Reg/1st Schedule/Form 19
Articles in Private Possession of the Master, Officers and Crew Customs Reg/1st Schedule/Form 24A
Bond for Warehousing of Goods Customs Reg/1st Schedule/Form 26
Security to Customs Customs Reg/1st Schedule/Form 29
Declaration by owner/master of pleasure boats Customs Reg/1st Schedule/Form 31
Claim for drawback by exporter Customs Reg/1st Schedule/Form 32
Imports from Agalega, Rodrigues, St Brandon Customs Reg/1st Schedule/Form 33
Exports to Agalega, Rodrigues, St Brandon Customs Reg/1st Schedule/Form 34
Re-Exports to Agalega, Rodrigues, St Brandon Customs Reg/1st Schedule/Form 35
Single Goods Declaration Customs Reg/1st Schedule/Form 36
Ship's Spares and Equipment landed for Repairs and subsequently re-shipped Customs Reg/1st Schedule/Form 37
IMO General Declaration (IMO FAL Form 1) Customs Reg/1st Schedule/Form 38
IMO Cargo Declaration (IMO FAL Form 2) Customs Reg/1st Schedule/Form 39
IMO Ship's Stores Declaration (IMO FAL Form 3) Customs Reg/1st Schedule/Form 40
IMO Crew's Effect Declaration (IMO FAL Form 4) Customs Reg/1st Schedule/Form 41
IMO Crew List (IMO FAL Form 5) Customs Reg/1st Schedule/Form 42
IMO Passenger List (IMO FAL Form 6) Customs Reg/1st Schedule/Form 43
IMO Dangerous Goods Manifest (IMO FAL Form 7) Customs Reg/1st Schedule/Form 44
Administrative Forms
Yatch Declaration Form MRA/CUS/SES/PSEU/FORM 20
Security by Bond MRA/CUS/EXC/08
Registration of goods sent for repairs MRA/CUS/GEN/EXP/Form 34
Registration of goods exported for re-importation MRA/CUS/GEN/EXP/Form 33
Application for claim for negative excise duty on electric motor car and electric goods vehicle MRA/CUS/ASS/MVC/Form 3
Undertaking by importer of live animals for training or breeding purposes MRA/CUS/GEN/FORM 32
Application Form for authorisation to submit consolidated bill of entry MRA/CUS/GEN/FORM 31
Application form for duty exemption by a member of the national assembly as per section 6 of the Customs Tariff Act MRA/CUS/ASS/MVC/FORM 1
Application for excise duty concession/exemption on a motor vehicle as per PRB Report 2021 and under section 5 or 6 of the Customs Tariff Act MRA/CUS/ASS/MVC/FORM 2
Application form for Bunkering MRA/CUS/EX/BT/FORM 1
Application Form for Importation of Multiple or Split Shipments MRA/CUS/GEN/FORM 28
Return from Broker on behalf of importer (Reg 19) Forms MRA/CUS/GEN/FORM 27
Return from Broker on behalf of Freight Forwarding Agent (FFA) (Reg 19) MRA/CUS/GEN/FORM 26
Return by Freight Forwarding Agent (FFA) (Reg 19) MRA/CUS/GEN/FORM 25
Application to the Director-General for the Issue / Renewal / Transfer of a Part I Licence under Regulation 3 of the Excise Regulations 1994 MRA-CUS-EX-FORM 7
Application for Importation on behalf of Persons Claiming Exemption or Concession MRA-CUS-GEN-FORM 23
Online Registration of Importers/Exporters at MRA Customs MRA-CUS-TFCC-REG-AU03
Undertaking for Owner of Motor Vehicle for Conveying School Children MRA/CUS/SO/VRC/Form 18
Request - Use of E-seals (Regulation 14B of the Customs Regulations 1989) MRA/CUS/GEN/Form 22
Registration Form for Exporter or Manufacturer under Preferential Trade Agreements MRA/CUS/ASS/ORI/FORM 1

Simplified Customs Assessment Form (Pdf Version)

Simplified Customs Assessment Form (Word Version)

VAT Deferred Payment Scheme  
  • N/A
Requisition for stores of locally purchased goods MRA/CUS/SES/PSEU/Form 22
Certificate of non-manipulation of goods under customs control MRA/CUS/GEN/Form 20
Declaration form for clearance of Relief Consignments MRA/CUS/GEN/Form 17
Security to Customs (Temporary Admission) MRA/CUS/DR/EXP/Form 5
Application for registration under Inward Processing MRA/CUS/DR/EXP/Form 4
Application by holder of Mauritian Diaspora Certificate  
  • MRA/CUS/SO/VRC/Form 17
  • MRA/CUS/SO/VRC/Form 16
Application for Duty Concession for Disabled Person
  • MRA/CUS/SO/VRR/Form 15A
  • MRA/CUS/SO/VRR/Form 15B
  • MRA/CUS/SO/VRR/Form 15C
Undertaking to be given by a manufacturer registered under item 9 of Part A to the First Schedule to the Excise Act (Form X09 - C) MRA/CUS/DR/EMU/Form 2
Exemptions on Household Effects MRA/CUS/SO/VRC/Form 8
Application for Registration as User of Warehouse Management System MRA/CUS/DR/WMS/Form 1
Certificate of Age MRA/CUS/EX/Form 6
Annex RDZ N/A
Eligibility criteria and documents to be submitted to benefit from Excise Duty exemption on double space cabin vehicle and single space cabin vehicle in Rodrigues MRA/CUS/SO/VRC/Form 11RDZ
Application form (Individual) for Excise Duty Exemption Double Space Cabin/Single Space Cabin Vehicle in Rodrigues MRA/CUS/SO/VRC/Form 10RDZ
Application form (Company) for Excise Duty Exemption Double Space Cabin/Single Space Cabin Vehicle in Rodrigues MRA/CUS/SO/VRC/Form 9RDZ
Application Form for the Registration of Exporters of Waste PET Bottles or PET Flakes or Recyclers of Waste PET Bottles into Reusable Goods MRA/CUS/DR/BG/Form 7
Claim on Export of Waste PET Bottles or PET Flakes or Waste PET Bottles Recycled into Reusable Goods MRA/CUS/DR/BG/Form 8
Application Form for the registration of exporters of waste tyres, whether shredded or not, or recyclers of waste tyres into reusable goods including retreading MRA/CUS/DR/BG/Form 9
Claim Form for refund on export of waste tyres or waste tyres recycled into reusable goods including retreading MRA/CUS/DR/BG/Form 10
Application Form for Customs Registration of Exporters of Scrap Metal MRA/CUS/DR/BG/Form 11
Application Form for the Registration of Manufacturers to be eligible for Duty Exemption/Concession MRA/CUS/DR/EMU/Form 1
Application for duty - tax exemption or concession MRA/CUS/DR/EMU/Form 4
Application for Advance Valuation Ruling MRA/CUS/ASS/VALUATION/Form3
Monthly Return for Customs Approved Storeroom (CAS) MRA/CUS/DR/DDF/Form 13
Request for temporary transfer of goods between shops operating under DDTS MRA/CUS/DR/DDF/Form 5
Application to the Director-General for the purchase of Excise Stamps MRA/CUS/EX/Form 4
Undertaking from Importers of excisable goods MRA/CUS/EX/Form 5
Transfer of ship's spares under Bank Guarantee  
  • MRA/CUS/SES/PSEU/Form 12
  • N/A
Deferred Payment Scheme (DPS)  
  • N/A
  • MRA/CUS/DR/SB/Form 1
Authorised Economic Operators  
  • N/A
Duty Remission on double space cabin & Single space cabin  
  • N/A
  • MRA/CUS/SO/VRC/Form 9
  • MRA/CUS/SO/VRC/Form 10
  • MRA/CUS/SO/VRC/Form 11
DF4 - Duty Free Invoice MRA/CUS/DR/DDF/Form 9
DF5 - Duty Paid Invoice MRA/CUS/DR/DDF/Form 10
DF 7 - Duty, Excise Duty and VAT paid invoice MRA/CUS/DR/DDF/Form 11
DF8 - Duty Free Invoice MRA/CUS/DR/DDF/Form 12
Application for advance origin ruling MRA/CUS/ASS/ORI/FORM 2
Security to Customs (Inward Processing) MRA/CUS/DR/EXP/Form 3
Request for examination of goods MRA/CUS/GEN/Form 7
Application form for CO2 levy or rebate MRA/CUS/ASS/SHV/Form 1
Acknowledgement Receipt for shipment of Goods MRA/CUS/SO/PO/Form 10
Application to sell goods to DDTS, DFS Operator MRA/CUS/DR/DDF/Form 8
Deposit Voucher Form (Original & Duplicate) MRA/CUS/SO/RC/Form 3
IPR Application Form MRA/CUS/SEU/IPR/Form1
Notice of Objection OADRD/Form 5
Passengers Customs Declaration Form MRA/CUS/SO/VRC/Form 7
Request for cancellation of Bill of Entry MRA/CUS/SO/RC/Form 1
Request for H.S classification MRA/CUS/ASS/Tariff/Form 1
Request for Post Entry MRA/CUS/SO/RC/Form 2
Returning Citizen - Duty concession on a motor vehicle or motor cycle MRA/CUS/SO/VRC/Form 2
Undertaking for B-carrier MRA/CUS/SO/VRC/Form 14
Undertaking for taxi owner (succession) MRA/CUS/SO/VRC/Form 12
Undertaking for taxi owner - driver MRA/CUS/SO/VRC/Form 13
Registration of Economic Operators  N/A
Master Supplementary Declaration Form  
  • MRA/CUS/SES/PSEU/Form 19
  • Annex
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